Angels and Boston hitting frenzy

The Angels and Boston got entangled into one of the more exciting offensive games of the year on Thursday. Even more impressive was the fact that the game went into extra innings and ended despite both teams scoring in the extra tenth. The two teams combined for 38 hits and 27 runs and 5 homeruns in the game. Between both teams, there was only one inning that did not see a run cross the plate. Needless to say, if you like good pitching this game was not for you. In the end it was the Angels coming out on top 14-13 in Boston.

The Angels got 20 hits in all to produce their 14 runs. Two of these hits left the park as Wells and Morales both went yard in the game. The team scored an amazing 8 runs in the 3rd inning after being down 6-0. They would lose the lead 2 times after that before taking over the lead in the 9th. Ultimately they let Boston tie it up in the bottom of the 9th, but they scored two in the tenth to get the win. Frieri ended up getting the decision for LA and is now 2-0 on the year.

Boston got 18 hits in all Thursday and soared out to an early lead after 5 runs in the second. The Sox belted even one more homer then LA with 3 jacks in all. Ross hit his 19th of the year while Aviles and Pedroia also went yard. Aceves was credited with the loss for Boston and is now just 2-8 on the season.

Angels beat Sox

The Angels won 7-3 in Boston against the Red Sox on Wednesday. The game, and many from this point on, will be must wins for the Angels who are just 4 games above .500. If they have any chance to make the playoffs they will have to really get on a big winning streak. The Angels are now 64-60 on the season overall and have a 31-31 road record. What has really hurt them this season is their home record that is just 33-29.

On Wednesday the Angels started their ace Weaver who came into the game with a 15-3 record. He was able to keep runners from crossing the plate despite giving up several hits early. The only time Weaver really struggled came in the bottom of the fourth when he gave up 2 runs. In the end he rebounded and got his 16th win. The Angels offensively got 15 hits including a homer from Kendrick who hit his 7th long ball of the year.

Boston falls to 59-65 with the loss furthering discontent the fan-base has with the team and coaching. The team did get 10 hits, but was having a hard time getting runners moved. They left a lot of runners on the bases in the end and could not overcome that fact. Buchholz was handed the loss moving his record to 11-4. The team has a lot to look forward to in the off season, and unless Valentine can show he can get this team on track fast before the end of the year he probably will not have a job come next season.

Angels Striving for Playoffs

The Angels won 8-4 against the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday in LA, as they continue to try and secure a playoff position in this year’s race for the championship. The latest win came with help from some power both at the plate and from the mound for LA. The team is now 62-56 on the season overall and improve to 33-25 in home games.

The Angels started off on the right foot when they blasted 5 runs across the plate in a huge 2nd inning. This would ultimately prove to be enough to get the victory, but the team would add more and got 8 runs overall. These runs came off 11 hits, which included 2 homeruns. Iannetta hit his 6th homer of the year while Trout added his 22nd. The team also got a great outing from Santana who had struggled most of the season and was just 5-10 entering Wednesday’s game.

The Indians got just 6 hits to produce their 4 runs, which mostly came late in Wednesday’s contest. Choo was able to hit his 14th long ball of the year for Cleveland, but it was not enough as the Indians could not dig them out of the huge hole they dug in the 2nd inning. The team is now 54-64 on the season and has a 24-35 away record. They have yet another losing season about to be under their belts and must find a way to get the team back into contention next season. Many pieces are there, but many still exist.

Dodgers Lead NL West

The Dodgers won 9-3 on Wednesday in Pittsburgh against the Pirates, as they continue their hot streak. The team is now sitting in first place on top of the NL West division. The Dodgers got a solid outing from Kershaw who pitched well and got plenty of help from his team offensively. The team seems to be really making strides this year under their new ownership and should be a fun squad to watch as the playoffs quickly approach. Time will tell how far this team will go.

On Wednesday the Dodgers were able to rack up 15 hits, which is more amazing considering none of these were homeruns. They strung together hit after hit to earn their 9 runs and scored in 4 of the games 9 innings. This included two big innings in which they scored 3 runs or more. Kershaw gave up some runs early as the Pirates scored 2 runs in the first 4 innings. However, Kershaw was able to tighten things up and ultimately got his 11th win of the season. The Dodgers first-place record is now 65-53.

The Pirates fall to 64-53 with Wednesday’s loss at home, and are now 36-23 in games at PNC Park. The team is still in the playoff picture, but found out Wednesday that they may have to straighten some things up if they plan on advancing towards a championship. They got just 6 hits in the game while starting pitcher Rodriguez hit all around the ballpark. In the end Rodriguez earned the loss and is now 7-12.

Dodgers Slip up and Lose to Rangers

The Dodgers lost a very exciting offensive driven baseball game against the Texas Rangers in Texas on Thursday. The game ended 15-9 as both teams battled back and forth. In the end the Dodgers simply fell apart late in the game and gave the game away to Texas. LA gave up 7 runs in the last 2 innings batted by Texas. The two teams were tied going into the bottom of the 7th when Texas broke out. Both teams combined did put on a show though, as they combined for 31 hits total in the contest.


The Dodgers got most of their success in the earlier innings of the game, and scored 7 runs in four innings. They had 13 hits in all Thursday including 3 homeruns. Trumbo hit his 28th bomb of the season while Callaspo and Morales each also added one. In the end, their relief pitching was simply horrendous and gave up too many hits and runs down the stretch. Carpenter was dealt the loss for the Dodgers and is now 1-2 on the year. The team moves to a 57-49 overall record.

The Angels put on a similar hitting display, but did even more offensively than LA. Texas had 18 total hits and had 3 innings where they scored 3 runs or more. This included a huge 2nd inning that saw 5 runs cross the plate for the Rangers. The team continues to have one of the league’s best records and is now 61-43 this year. Oswalt ended up getting the win, and is now 4-2 on the season.

Dodgers Shutout

The Dodgers were shut out on Wednesday at home against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The LA team struggled at the plate as they managed just 2 hits in the contest. The Dodgers have had some success this season and are in ok shape, but desperately need to find a streak of wins soon considering the season is quickly approaching its end. The Dodgers are now 56-50 on the season and fall to 29-23 at home this season. The game ended with the Dodgers being shut-out 4-0


The Dodgers began the game the same way they ended it, which was slowly. They failed to score and had just 2 hits off a pitcher that was just called up to the majors by Arizona. The loss for the D-backs was credited to fife who is now 0-1 this season. The Dodgers looked lackadaisical throughout and the production surely matched the mood. They have still come a far way from their tumultuous season last year that exposed the team for their many financial issues, and can hopefully grow off the progress they made this season.

The Diamondbacks got off to a good start and were able to score 2 runs in the first 4 innings. They also got 10 hits in the contest to produce their 4 runs. Two of those hits left the yard as Montero and Johnson both went yard for Arizona. The team is now 54-51 on the year and improves to 24-27 in away games. 

LA and Rangers Combine for 27 Hits and 22 Runs

The La Angels and Texas Rangers had a shootout at the old corral on Wednesday in Texas. The two teams combined for 27 hits and 22 runs in a game that also displayed 5 homeruns. Both teams were on fire and the ending was as exciting as a baseball game could get. The game in general was about everything an offensive minded fan would want to see. In the end, it was the Rangers who came back from 3 runs down in the 10th to get a walk-off 11-10 victory. They are now 60-43 on the season overall, and improve to 33-21 at home.


The Angels blew a 3 run lead that they had after scoring 3 runs in the top of the 10th to break a 7-7 tie. They had all the momentum in the world going into the bottom of the 10th, but quickly watched their lead diminish. In all the Angels got 10 hits including three homer. Two of these long balls were from Albert Pujols, who now has 22 on the season. In the end, though, it was not enough and the Angels fall to 57-48 overall this season.

The game came down to the Rangers storming from behind to score 4 runs in the tenth and get a 11-10 victory. They got 17 total hits in the game and had 2 homeruns. Kinsler hit his 12th of the year while Cruz hit his 16th homerun of the season. Texas is a lock for the playoffs and if they can win games in the fashion they did on Wednesday, then there is no telling just how far they can go.

Dodgers Could not Dodge Walk-off Win

The Dodgers got themselves wrapped up in, what seemed to be, a never ending pitcher’s battle in St. Louis on Wednesday night. The Dodgers fought hard as both teams struggled to produce any offense off one another. In the end, the Dodgers fell short as the Cardinals walked-off with a 3-2 victory in 12 innings.


In all, the teams combined for just 14 hits. 8 of those hits came from the Dodgers and neither team hit any out of the park. The Dodgers, despite outhitting, St. Louis were unable to have much luck stringing hits together. The Dodgers’ pitching was great, but fell short in the end as Wright gave up a walk-off hit from Furcal in the 12th to earn the loss. He is now 4-3 on the season while the Dodgers, as a team, fall to 53-46. Their road record also falls to just 24-26.


The Cardinals also struggled from the plate while pitching beautifully. The Cardinals did strike first scoring the games first run in the bottom of the second. They would remain scoreless though until the 9th when they walked-off with the win. Salas was credited with his first win of the season and moves to just 1-3. The Cardinals are now 52-46 thanks to this latest win. They also improve to 28-21 at home.


Despite the score, this was a very fine baseball game played between two very even teams that look to try and make the playoffs. For those who like offense, this would not have been the game for you, but it certainly made for an exciting finish late.

Angels play Great Offensively and from the Mound

The Angels exploded offensively Wednesday against the Royals and got great starting pitching to earn a 11-6 win. The team is playing as good as anyone right now and moves their record to 54-45 with this latest win. LA was one fire from start to finish at the plate. The team started the game scoring three runs in the first and ended by scoring 3 more in their last inning of batting in the 8th.

The Angels got 17 total hits against KC pitching, which was 10 more hits then the Royals managed. Three of these hits were homeruns off the bats of Hunter, Wilson, and Trout. The Angels scored back to back three-run innings in the first and 2nd innings to jump out to a huge 6-0 lead. They then added on a run in each of the 3rd and 4th innings, which put them up 8-0 before finally giving up 2 runs in the 5th. Weaver pitched 5 straight shutout innings on way to his 7th straight win. He is now 13-1 overall this year as he continues to improve his chances of winning the Cy Young Award.


Kansas City managed 6 runs off 7 hits, which came mainly in the game’s final 2 innings. This is when the Royals scored 4 of their 6 total runs. The Royals got 2 homers in the game with one from Francoeur and another from Butler. The late inning comeback attempt was too little and too late and the Royals fall to just 41-56 on the season.

Despite Pujols LA Loses

The Angels fell to the Tigers in Detroit on Wednesday 7-2. The team is desperately trying to make sure they are a playoff team and has the talent to do so. This is especially true given their acquisition of Albert Pujols at the beginning of the year. Pujols showed his importance to the team Wednesday, but can not single-handedly win games for LA. The team struggled from the mound early and could not get back into it. LA is now 50-42 on the season and fall to 25-24 in home games.


The Angels got just 3 hits in the game. One of these was a homerun from Pujols who now has 17 dingers this year. He could not do it alone though and no one else seemed to show up to the Angels clubhouse on this day. Wilson was credited with the loss and is now 9-6 on the year. He was outpitched by an unlikely Tigers pitcher who got ten strikeouts on Wednesday.

Detroit got 8 hits in all in Wednesday’s contest. Fister toed the rubber for Detroit and brought a 3-6 record to the mound. In the end he pitched much better then his record as he mowed down LA hitters on the way to ten strikeouts in the game. He got support from the Detroit offense, as well, as they helped get 5 runs across in the first two innings. This seemed to give Fister the confidence he needed to go out and complete the win. He did just that and both of these teams will be interesting to follow down the stretch.